Keep your catch as fresh as the day you caught it!

Fresh off the river, and packaged for freshness! We value the flavor of the catch long after you’ve left the river. At King of the River our packaging includes a 1-2 pound, 5 mill commercial polyethylene vacuum package, which is ready for freezing. Our commercial freezers operate at 15 degrees below zero and holding freezers at 10 degrees below zero.
Vacuum Pack Only
Vacuum Pack and Freezing
Freezing Only (pre-vacuum packed product)
Fish Storage (per box per day)
*Boxes are constructed and tested with delivery and air transport services. Boxes are multi-walled fiberboard/cardboard, which surrounds a 1” Styrofoam insulated liner for enhancing integrity with an increase to keep your fish cold longer.
Large (50 lbs of fish)
Medium (35 lbs of fish)
Mini-Medium (25 lbs of fish)
Small (15 lbs of fish)
Mini-Small (10 lbs of fish)
Gel Pack Ice
FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping
10 lbs $100.00
20 lbs $135.00
25 lbs $160.00
30 lbs $190.00
40 lbs $220.00
50 lbs $260.00
**FedEx prices may be subject to fuel surcharge and may change without notice. Be sure to inquire with the guide at time of booking or on boat.